7-apartment condominium
Development, sales

The property was built in the XIV. district. It is located in one of the most pleasant parts of the district, 8 minutes walk from Örs vezér square, near Vezér and Fogarasi streets. The condominium is located in a very calm street, providing a pleasant and quiet atmosphere.

Utilizing the features of the plot, we managed to place the 9-apartment building in an optimal orientation, paying special attention to ensuring that the apartments meet the needs of the Customers in all functional aspects and are as comfortable as possible.

There are 3-3-3 apartments on the mezzanine level of the condominium, on the first floor and in the attic. Due to the very favorable location of the plot, the living rooms of the apartments – living room, kitchen and terrace – are oriented to the South and West, while the bedrooms are to the East.

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