Akácfa60 Parking lot

Our company operates this robot parking house at VII., Akácfa utca, unique in Europe.

The building consists of minus 1, ground floor and +10 levels, a total of 341 cars can be parked.
The supplier of the mechanized parking garage technology is the Korean company MP-System www.mp-parking.com, which now serves more than 7,000 installed and operating parking spaces worldwide.

Fast, easy, convenient, safe Parking, and you can leave your car in a COVERED – GUARDED place!

Covered; guarded;
Simple parking mechanism;
You don’t have to drive your car between the floors of the parking garage;
You can leave your valuables in the car, as no unauthorized person can enter the parking garage because the system is closed;
Price advantage 240 HUF / h during the day, 120 HUF / h at night
Discounted rental options;
There is no limit to parking time;
Fast parking, average parking time 60-90 seconds;
You don’t have to search for your car
No more punishment or wheel clamps;
In winter, you don’t have to clear the snow from your car, you don’t have to scrape off the ice;
There is no tight space so no car will be damaged
The main advantage is that you get service for your money!

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