Providing a full range of expert activities related to the real estate profession

With our expertise and extensive experience in the real estate market, we undertake the expert tasks to be performed in the field of the real estate profession for our Clients.

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We will be expert advisors in the following activities:

Utilization and operation of properties left over from banks’ debt management based on the owner’s outstanding sales experience (Otthon Centrum Partner – with more than 3,000 successful real estate sales experiences).

Preparation of the professional and expert materials required for the planned investments of the Local councils and the Capital.

Active participation in the EEOP energy tenders, their preparation and the full project management of the tenders.

Carrying out real estate expert work and elaboration of area development strategies for investors.

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Our expert advice references

Kaposvár – Kaposi Mór technical expert advice and cost estimates related to hospital laundry renovation

Location Kaposvár
Area 1.500m2
Total cost of investment 650 thousand HUF
Delivery date 2012


Preparation of utilization studies of real estates in Budapest and Pest area, conducting detailed market research and thorough review of the technical characteristics of the buildings. Develop a sales strategy by determining the sales price. Conducting sales.


  • Budapest, II. district Pitypang street – family house
  • Budapest, I. district Hattyú street – apartment
  • Tapolca, Május 1 street – apartments
  • Székesfehérvár, Sóstó ipari Park – areas for development
  • Székesfehérvár, Távirda street – office

IVS - Integrated urban development strategy

Our company participated in the development of the Integrated Urban Development Strategy (IVS) of the capital, Budapest. One of the authors of IVS was GPM’s managing director Attila Csuhay. The aim of the IVS was the Budapest Urban Development Concept approved by the decision of the Budapest General Assembly, and the newly modified Budapest Medium-Term Urban Development Program based on this, approved by the decision of the Budapest General Assembly. Podmaniczky Program.

Budapest’s Integrated Urban Development Strategy is a strategic urban development decision from which a development-based, territorial basic program can be derived, and the definition of the goals for the city districts and their medium-term implementation can be determined (7-8 years). An essential element of the IVS is to ensure feasibility including: cost estimates for expected programs; presentation of the institutional framework for implementation; the organization of urban development management; and the supervision of the implementation.

Nevertheless, the Budapest IVS formulates conceptual principles that serve as a theoretical basis for the development of Budapest and its surrounding area, and indirectly of the Central and Eastern European region.


Expert examination of the development of the North Csepel region Our company was commissioned to participate in the development of the North Csepel region as a cost expert, we prepared the necessary calculations and cost estimates for each development task.

The studied area, North Csepel, is part of the dynamically developing district, which is a key connection point of the capital. Complex urban development in the area would be implemented with urban, high-density integration in mind, with the development of the socio-economic structure. There is also a need to achieve a high environmental quality related to the development, which mainly means the idea of ​​a park city and the establishment of a connection with water. The development program places special emphasis on environmental and green space development ideas related to the 2020 Olympic candidacy.

The aim of the cost expert examination is that the planned developments in the North Csepel region can be implemented effectively, based on appropriate technical and market knowledge bases and adapted to the KSZT and IVS.


area development

Type of work: development of area development concept

Location Vác (was a Forte area)
Plot 16 ha

Our job

Local developments and
real estate market survey
Retail demand
Professional needs
Installation concept
developing alternatives
Clarification of requirements
definition of zones
Planning program
definition of zones
Market absorption capacity

We have developed the development, usability concept and usability of the nearly 16-hectare area in the Alsórákos district of Vác.

Our aim was to assess the ideas and needs of the local population and professionals regarding the utilization of the area, to analyze the potential market for possible development, and to develop preliminary directions for the development concept.

Another goal was that the direction of the 2-3 construction concepts would determine the installation zones of the area.

GPM sought to develop an installation concept that could serve as the basis for a modified regulatory plan. With the help of this – taking into account the needs of the population and the community, as well as the possible interests of investors – value-creating investments and developments in the area could be planned, implemented and implemented.

IK Hotels

Herczegprímás street

Preparation of an energy saving tender with the modernization of the heating system (Volume: HUF 130 million)

Gan Menachem Kindergarten


Building energy renovation of the Emih Gan Menachem kindergarten building during the tender number KEOP 5.3.0 / A / 09-2010-0093 – within the framework of the New Széchenyi Plan.

During the investment, the energy efficiency of the old building will be improved in a complex way. The investment includes thermal insulation of the facade of the building, replacement of doors and windows, and modernization of the heating and domestic hot water supply system. Thanks to the renovation, not only the operator and owner of the kindergarten, but also the children and their educators „using” the kindergarten can spend their daily lives in a more comfortable environment. With the investment, the building can achieve a significant increase in value not only in terms of functionality, but also in terms of aesthetics and comfort.