Orsó street

7-apartment condominium
Volume: 700m2

The 7-apartment condominium is located in the II District. It is in one of the most elegant areas of the district, in close proximity to Pasaréti Square. Located in a quiet, peaceful, green area, the well-located plot combines the best features of the surrounding area, as the unique garden city milieu, typical only of Buda, is coupled with very good accessibility.

The location and design of the flats, the quality of the building materials and the construction satisfy the highest demands typical of the Buda area. We have designed 7 apartments in the condominium, so that everyone from the ground floor apartments to those in the attic, can enjoy the wonderful panoramic views. Parking is provided by a 4-space garage and 4 surface car parks. The condominium’s own fitness room is connected to the apartments by a bright, spacious staircase with a lift. The size of the apartments varies between 50 to 90 m2, on the ground floor and 1-2. 2 flats per floor on the first floor and 1 flat in the attic.

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