IVS – Integrated Urban Development Strategy

Our company participated in the development of the Integrated Urban Development Strategy (IVS) of the Capital of Budapest. One of the authors of IVS is Attila Csuhay. The purpose of the IVS is the Budapest Urban Development Concept approved by the resolution of the Budapest General Assembly, and the Budapest Medium-Term Urban Development Program based on this, subsequently amended by the resolution of the Budapest General Assembly. Podmaniczky Program.

Budapest’s Integrated Urban Development Strategy is thus a strategic urban development decision from which a development-oriented, area-based program can be deduced directly, by defining the goals for the city districts and implementing them in the medium term (7-8 years). An essential element of the IVS is to ensure feasibility; including cost estimates for expected programs; presentation of the institutional framework for implementation, the organization of urban development management and the monitoring of implementation.

Nevertheless, the Budapest IVS formulates conceptual principles that serve as a theoretical basis for the development of Budapest and its catchment area, and indirectly of the Central and Eastern European region.