Our current offer

Budapest VI. district, Benczúr str 11. – C53 apartment number
Budapest VI. district, Benczúr str 11. – B23 apartment number
Budapest VI. district, Benczúr str 11. – C31 apartment number
Budapest V. district, Kecskeméti str 5.
Budapest V. district, Fejér György str 6.

For short-, or long term

Would you rent out your apartment and have it give you as much return as possible? Unsure about which tools you need for a successful rental business? Maybe you own these tools, but just don’t have time to allow yourself to focus 100% on renting?
With nearly two decades of proprietary experience, local knowledge and a network of contacts, we will help you navigate the convoluted maze of the rental industry so that you can rent out your property on the most favorable terms possible.

Short term rental
We provide full-scale administration of short-term properties, mostly on Airbnb.


Our services

Service-package Communication Facility Management All-in
Furnishing Advice YES YES
Homestaging * YES YES
Apartment photography YES YES
Preparation of the ad YES YES
Price monitoring, price calculation YES YES
Management of bookings YES YES
Communication with the operator YES YES
Key handling YES YES YES
Cleaning after each guest YES YES
Bed linen and towels washing, drying YES YES
Purchase of necessary cleaning products ** YES YES
Communication with guests YES YES
Amount of commission 10% 18% 25%
* Homestaging The purchase of home furnishing items that are recommended by us have to be paid by the homeowner.
** Purchase The purchase price of the purchased products is paid by the homeowner

Are you thinking of buying a profitable apartment?
Do you want your existing apartment to provide you a maximum return?

Don’t have time for administration? ? Do you lack the necessary market knowledge and contact system? All you have to do is trust us with finding the most suitable apartment for your investment, or using the most appropriate utilization of your existing apartment that adapts to market needs!

We help you with the sale and purchase, make the existing apartment marketable, and ensure the maximum return from renting.

Long term rental

In case of long-term rental, we help to find the most suitable and reliable tenant and if required, we also carry out the management.


We assess the condition of the apartment to be offered for rent (with a technical, aesthetic survey)

We make the apartment marketable from the smallest details to the performance of larger volume (apartment renovation) tasks.

During the rental, we maintain continuous communication with the Landlord.

Upon request, we collect the rent from the tenants and regularly check the condition of the apartment.

Upon request, we collect the rent from the tenants and regularly check the condition of the apartment.