Expert study of development in the North Csepel region

Our company was commissioned to participate in the development of the Northern Csepel region as a cost expert, we prepared the necessary calculations and cost estimates for each development task.

The studied area, North Csepel, is part of the dynamically developing district, which is a key connection point of the capital. Complex urban development in the area would be implemented with urban, high-density integration in mind, with the development of the socio-economic structure. There is also a need to achieve a high environmental quality related to the development, which mainly means the idea of ​​a park city and the establishment of a connection with water. The development program places special emphasis on environmental and green space development ideas related to the 2020 Olympic candidacy.

The aim of the cost expert examination is that the planned developments in the North Csepel region can be implemented effectively, based on appropriate technical and market knowledge bases and adapted to the KSZT and IVS.