Budapest, Benczúr street Office Operation

Type of development: downtown luxury apartment
Location: Budapest, VI. district, Benczúr str 11.
Designer: Péter Reimholz
Seller: Otthon Centrum
Built-up area: 2500 nm
Number of flats: expected 10 pcs
Investment volume: HUF 1.2 billion

The property is located in the 6th district close to the Kodály Circle, in the immediate vicinity of the Austrian or Chinese Embassy, which is currently a 2919 sqm mixed-use building – apartment and office.

70% of the building was bought by our partner, on whose behalf we design downtown apartments that satisfy luxury needs. Reconstruction plans are prepared by one of the most renowned designers in the industry, thus guaranteeing the highest standards. Based on Western European trends, the central location and proximity of the entire infrastructure to downtown,

high-quality residential properties provide a more comfortable lifestyle for those who move in and work here.

We are trying to implement this concept in the classicist building in the diplomatic district.