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Renovation, Construction

Professional renovation from the first step to the last one

More than 10 years of expertise, reliability, punctuality and professional renovation from the first step to the last one.

Our company provides comprehensive, high-quality construction management. Our well qualified professionals have a knowledge of every single area of the renovation and the construction procedure in order to maintain a smooth service and to fulfill our clients’ satisfaction.

Renovating appartments and houses – build-to-suit management

Are you planning to invest your money in renovating your property? Would it be helpful to have professional assistance in managing the renovation? You can spare a significant amount of money and time by using our services. You can also avoid unnecessary worrying.
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There is no mission impossible just challenging situations with alternative solutions.

Renovation of appartments

 Our team has a portfolio with several references, we provide a precise, aesthetic work and always meet the deadline. We pay attention to the features of the property, the functions that the clients prefer and the rules of ergonomics. You don’t need to find painters, electricians and plumbers. Our company has all the specialist you need so we face all challanges and solve all problems that arise during a renovation.

Renovation of buildings

épület felújítás 
It might happen that due to an error in planning or the unfavorable state of soil the building has failures. We deal with finding and repairing these kind of failures. We can also relaize your plan for the reconstruction. Should you be interested request a free offer.

Renovation of offices 

Are you moving to a new office building where the interior design is not done yet? We can also assist with that. It is important to create an appropriate environment at your workplace that the atmosphere can facilitate productive work.
ingatlan vagyonkezelés 
We take on renovating the interior and exterior of old office buildings sufficient to modern expectations. We focus on technical and functional need besides comfort.  


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