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Our activity:

  • Using and operating properties which have remained after debt management of banks (we are partners with Otthon Centrum real estate company who specialize in selling properties).
  • Preparing the necessary professional and technical documents for the Local Government and the Capital city.
  • Real estate expertie and premise improvement for investors.
  • Taking part in preparing and managing tenders for the Environment and Energy Operational Programme.

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References for our professional consultancy

Kaposvár – Technical cost analysis and professional consultancy of the Kaposi Mór Hospital laundry-renovation

Location Kaposvár
Premise 1.500m2
Volume 650.000 Ft
Delivery date 2012 


Preparation of utilization studies for Budapest and Pest suburban properties with detailed market research and a thorough examination of technical parameters. Elaboration of the acquisition strategy. Sales transaction.

  • Budapest, district II. Pitypang street – family house
  • Budapest, district I. Hattyú street - appartment
  • Tapolca, Május 1 street – appartment
  • Székesfehérvár, Sóstó industrial park – developmental region
  • Székesfehérvár, Távirda utca - office

IVS - Integrated Town Development Strategy

GPM took part in preparing the Budapest Integrated Development Strategy of the Capital. One of its leader was Attila Csuhay. The aim of IVS is the Town development Concept approved by Budapest City Council and the Budapest Middle term Town Development Program (so called Podmaniczky program).

Thus Budapest Integrated Town development Strategy is such a strategic town development decision, from which a development program may directly be deducted with middle term aims (7-8 years). IVS's main element is the guarantee of feasibility, which includes the cost analysis of the expected program and the introduction of institutional frame of execution, the organism of town development and the monitoring of execution.

Furthermore Budapest IVS draws up such conceptional terms which serve as theoretic fundaments of Budapest's and its suburban's and also Middle-east-European region's development.


Cost analysis of the North-Csepel region GPM was charge of the cost analysis of the North-Csepel region development. GPM prepared the needed calculations and cost analysis for the development's scope of duties.

The examined area is North-Csepel which is a unique linking point of the capital and part of a dynamically developing district. Complex town development is taking place on the area with urban, high density construction. High quality environment is on demand, which mean mainly the idea of park city and the connection with the Danube. The development program puts great emphasize on the environmental and green area development concept in connection with the 2020 Olympics.

The aim of cost analysis is that planned developments in the North-Csepel region might be fulfilled by putting it on the appropriate technical ground and adjusting it to IVS and Local Regulation Plans.

Vác – Area development

Type of work: preparing an area development concept
Location: Vác, (previously a Forte area)
Site: 16 acre

Our responsibilities:

  • Survey of local market and developments
  • Survey of local needs
  • Survey of professional needs
  • Negotiation with the Local Municipality
  • Elaboration of built-in concept
  • Clarification of restrictions, determination of zone
  • Determination of the program of planning
  • Determination of the capacity of the market

GPM prepared the area development concept of Vác Alsórákos.

The purpose of the monitoring was to estimate the needs and ideas of the local population and the real estate market generally, the survey of the potential market and the elaboration of the development concept's possible directions.

It was a further aim to determine the space of the building zone by the process of the 2-3 building concept.

GPM had a solution which was the basis for a modified regulation plan. With the help of this it was possible to establish profitable investments by taking into consideration both residential and public demands.

IK Hotels Herczegprímás street

Preparing an energy saving tender by the modernization of the heating sytem (Volume: 130 million HUF)

Gan Menachem kinder garden modernization

Energetic development of the building Emih Gan Menachem building with the joint tender no. Environment and Energy Operational Programme 5.3.0/A/09-2010-0093 New Széchenyi Plan.

The old building's energy efficiency became developed in a complex way. The investment included: the thermo isolation of the façade, the change of doors and windows, the modernization of domestic hot water grid. Due to the reconstruction not only the owner and property manager but the children and their educators might spend their time in a more comfortable environment. Due to the investment, the building's value improved not only functionally but by considering the aspects of aesthetic and comfort.


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