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Managing Properties

Managing apartments short term and long term

Do you own a property and would you like to maximize the income your investment brings? Would it be easier if there was someone who took over from you the responsibility of controlling all tasks regarding the rental?
The last 16 years we were constantly present in the property market therefore we gained a deep knowledge of it and we are able to provide a service with high standards.
We work in a professional, reliable and experienced team in order to make the rental services easier for you.

Short term rental

We are managing properties and taking care of everything that guests need, mainly on the website of Airbnb. Make an inquiry.


Service -package




Interior design guidiance




Homestaging *




Photoshooting the flat




Preparing the advertisement




Calculating and controlling the price




Handling booking




Communicating with the directory firm




Providing the key and welcoming




Cleaning after guests




Washing and drying beddig and towels




Purchasing the necessary cleaning profucts**



Guest relations











Purchasing the design accessories suggested that is being paid by the owner


Purchasing the neccessary

The owner pays for the purchased items


Would you like to invest your money in a profitable way?

Do you feel you don’t have time for the administration or that you don’t have the appropriate knowlege or contacts in the property market?
We will find the best apartment for you to invest your money in or if you have one we will make suggestions how to improve its conditions in order to make it ready to let.

We assist with the sale and purchase, to properly position the property in the market and to maximize the yield you can gain by letting your property.

Long term rental

We assist with finding the most suitable and the most reliable tenants and should you wish we manage the property as well.


  • We provide real estate assessment by considering esthetical and technical viewpoints.
  • We turn the apartment into its best condition in order to make it ready to let from smaller changes to renovation works.
  • We communicate regularly with the landlord.
  • If needed we take the rent from the tenants and we supervise the condition of the flat

Should you be not sure if you want to let your property for short term or long term we will help you to decide.

In order to request an offer contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0036703206600.


  • +36 1 301 0812
  • +36 70 320 6600
  • +36 1 301 0813


  • flat10 3rd floor, 33 Podmaniczky street, 1067 Budapest

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