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Otthon Centrum

The Otthon Centrum is the most reliable and well-known company in Hungary, since it was founded in 2000 it has become a leader real estate firm. Their professional success is proven by winning the prize of the Real Estate Company of the Year 8 years in a row which they deserved to get for their innovative and professional work.

Real Estate Trusteeship

Otthon Centrum City Centre

real estate trusteeship
For being the most successful partner of Otthon Centrum the offices in the city centre got the Franchise Partner of the Year prize 3 times. Furthermore, one of this offices got the prize for being the Office of the Year, the Office which Gained the Highest Profit and the Office which has done the most Sales.

The colleauges of Otthon Centrum City Centre assist in a dedicated and professional way in order to sell a property or to find an appropriate home for their clients. At the moment there are 5 sales offices with 60 sales officers in the capital.

ABLON Group Limited

The ABLON Group Limited is a holding company of the ABLON company group on Guernsey island, which main activities are to find sites for different commercial or residential purposes and to purchase them, build, manage or sell them mainly in Hungary, Czech Republic and Romania.

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Kludi group

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The Kludi Group is present worldwide. They employ more than 1030 people. Since the company was founded (1926) it manufactures and develops high quality fittings. In all of the facturies the same standards assure stable high quality of both the components and the products.

Kreatív 2000 Ltd

Since Kreatív 2000 Ltd. was established they specalized in managing real estate investment procedures as wel. They integrate the complex technical, economical, marketing and legal knowledge and has the proper contacts for the process of the investment and transaction.

real estate trusteeship

Gres-Massimo Kft.

real estate trusteeship
The Gres-Massimo Ltd. was established in 1997. Their manin profile is to sell tiles and floor-tiles but they also sell all materials for wainscoting. In order to offer a wide range of prooducts they have glass-brick, jacuzzis, shower cabins, taps and wooden flooring.

AttRacT Interior Design

The AttRacT Interior Design is specialized in creating modern, high quality interiors. Attract emphasizes the importance of getting know international design, the latest materials and technologies. The company has reliable supplier and subcontractor contacts and they design interiors, furniture and deal with constructions up to high standards.

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The Skybox was founded in 1999. Its main prifle is designing in 3D and doing graphic designs.

Pannónia Pension Fund

The Pannónia Pension Fund (so called VIT Pension Fund bedore) was established in December 1994. In these days it has more than 60000 members so it has a stable and reliable background.

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Arch TV

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The Arch TV is a news supplier forum that supplies news, events, opportunities, solutions and institutions regarding construction businesses. The Arch TV specializes in: live reports with performers of construction businesses and its Hungarian or international events.


Regus provides cleaning services for offices.

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Cell-Line IT Security

Cell-line It security
Celline is our administrator and cunselor partner. They provide helpdesk information and administrator support to our company.

Additional partners

Bárd Cseri és Társa ügyvédi iroda

Dr. Gulyás Balázs ügyvédi iroda

ECOVIS Accounting Könyvelő és Tanácsadó Kft.

Eötvös10 – Terézvárosi Kulturális Közhasznú Nonprofit Zrt.

Gerőfi Petra belsőépítész

Holzarbeit Kft.

Jafholz Kft.

Kálmán és Kálmán ügyvédi iroda

KUKA Robotics


Liszt Ferenc Zeneakadémia

M+M Kalor

Paradont fogászati rendelő

PE Consulting

Piraton Komplex Kft.

Pyramidalis Kertépítő Kft.

Radnóti színház

Reneszánsz kertépítő Kft.

Széll-Ék Kft.

Tervmixker Kft.

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